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back away

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phrasal verb

  • Move away from someone or something in a backward direction, especially as a result of fear or apprehension.

    ‘the victim tried to back away but was punched by the other man’
    • ‘Marianne gasped and backed away from the door’
    • ‘the government backed away from the plan’
    • ‘Do not back away from the challenge, do not surrender to the fear.’
    • ‘He still has a chance to back away from this.’
    • ‘The new handbook backs away from an earlier proposal.’
    • ‘He later backed away from the comments.’
    • ‘He remains there for a few moments before backing away and closing the door.’
    • ‘The fire had gotten pretty intense, so we backed away.’
    • ‘Fearing for their safety, the employees backed away and called 911.’
    • ‘He said he immediately backed away and called the police.’
    • ‘Recently, we've seen many countries backing away from fossil fuels.’
    • ‘Once the dog loses interest in you, slowly back away until it is out of sight.’
    draw back, step back, move away, back off, retreat, withdraw, pull back, give ground
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