Meaning of back bacon in English:

back bacon


mass nounBritish
  • Lean bacon from the back or loin of a pig.

    ‘breakfast includes porridge, black pudding, smoked Scottish salmon, and best back bacon from the local butcher’
    • ‘To make Savoy cabbage braised with bacon, finely chop a medium onion and fry in olive oil, then chop and fry 120g/4oz of smoked back bacon.’
    • ‘His sausages and rindless, unsmoked back bacon have proved a sizzling success in Cuba, where British meat products are banned.’
    • ‘If you cannot start the day without a cooked meal any combination of Cumberland sausage, back bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomato and baked beans is offered.’
    • ‘There are five meals to choose from, including the breakfast special of back bacon, three pork and leek sausages, three fried eggs and mushrooms.’
    • ‘Our kids, who are not big pizza fans, loved the Hawaiian, partially because it was made with back bacon as opposed to ham, and partially because the crust wasn't overcooked.’
    • ‘At the price I expected to see a couple of slivers of streaky bacon, but again was pleasantly surprised by two pieces of back bacon.’
    • ‘The only pig meat imported by the supermarket was a small amount of back bacon from Holland.’
    • ‘Streaky bacon is preferable to back bacon, but use what is available.’
    • ‘The bun was soft, the beef was an excellent ground beef patty, the bacon was back bacon and not that streaky over-crisped variety.’
    • ‘Gold awards went to the ox tongue, roast beef, dry cured back bacon, black pudding, beef and Guinness pie, and steak and kidney pie.’