Meaning of back in the day in English:

back in the day

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  • In the past; some time ago.

    ‘back in the day, he'd had one of the greatest minds I'd ever come across’
    • ‘Western culture was marrying off girls at 13 to older men back in the day (being the long ago past).’
    • ‘It's a fantastic tune, and really, whatever your thoughts of the man now, he really was peerlessly talented back in the day.’
    • ‘This addiction crept up on me - back in the day, face wash and moisturiser was the sum total of my beauty regime.’
    • ‘There was all the flippant humor that made the show so much fun back in the day, and I loved it.’
    • ‘That stock is now worth only a fraction of what it was back in the day.’
    • ‘Perhaps the biggest reason that so many rebellious types are fond of the band is that they were genuinely dangerous back in the day.’
    • ‘It wasn't so hard for women to ask each other to dance back in the day when the city's bars played cha-cha-chas and Big Band.’
    • ‘You have to admit that he was really a looker back in the day.’
    • ‘But none of these battles had the ferocity that battles had back in the day, and most were very subliminal.’
    • ‘Yes, if you'd known her back in the day, you would think this would never happen.’
    • ‘Now, back in the day, it was really cheap to take a bus and 50 cents could probably get you most places you needed to go.’
    • ‘But she had worked on some serious productions back in the day, so it was cool that some one like that would do such a tiny little film like this.’
    • ‘Is it true your Dad was a Grass Speedway Champ back in the day?’
    • ‘Didn't Freud run into a lot of trouble for his ‘infantile sexuality’ theories back in the day?’
    • ‘Incidentally, he told me that poor people in the rural areas used to use that plant as a Christmas tree, back in the day!’
    • ‘I don't recall him ever being evil and manipulative back in the day.’
    • ‘This was back in the day where blenders whirled and the luxury of premixes and slurpee machines were unknown.’
    • ‘Wow, I miss a lot off my mates from back in the day who I used to ride with.’
    • ‘In fact some of my fondest memories of hanging with my dad are going to Shell Shield cricket matches back in the day.’
    • ‘Back in the day, we didn't have all these choices: you just went down to the corner store and got what they had, and you put it in a sack and you went home.’
    previously, earlier, earlier on, before, until now, until then, hitherto, née, once, as was, once upon a time, at one time, at an earlier time, in the past, in days gone by, back in the day, in years gone by, in times gone by, in bygone days, in times past, in former times, in earlier times, time was when