Meaning of back issue in English:

back issue



  • A past issue of a journal or magazine.

    ‘There don't appear to be any full text articles from back issues of the magazine available online, but an index is available to facilitate ordering.’
    • ‘Please send me a list of available back issues of Plantlife magazine.’
    • ‘Check back issues of Threads magazine for how-to's on these and other techniques.’
    • ‘In fact, if you have a large supply of recent back issues of such magazines, why not lend them a few copies?’
    • ‘Their web site is also an excellent resource for books, videos and back issues of the magazine.’
    • ‘We're very keen to retain our print dimension, and part of this will be to make it easier to buy back issues of the magazine.’
    • ‘You may also review back issues of journals that are not indexed within these databases.’
    • ‘Specific topics can be located by using the search engine to scan back issues from the past few years.’
    • ‘Next to the chest of drawers, in a pile that will eventually grow taller than the chest of drawers sit back issues, week after week after week of back issues.’
    • ‘I have also just started a subscription to Organic Gardening and got the March edition along with two back issues.’
    • ‘I loved the magazine and bought all the back issues.’
    • ‘I still have all my issues, and I ordered quite a number of back issues, as well.’
    • ‘This site was initially started to provide a handy archive of back issues, along with articles (and the occasional web-only special).’
    • ‘I took out a subscription, sent for the back issues and continued to subscribe until it folded about ten years later.’
    • ‘So I went to the college library and started to go through the volumes of back issues.’
    • ‘I was tempted to order a bunch of back issues to add to my mountain of unread design publications, but the pocketbook bleeds.’
    • ‘Order extra copies of back issues to pass around to your friends, family or coworkers, or get them a gift subscription.’
    • ‘As editor I frequently receive calls from individuals looking for back issues of The Chronicle.’
    • ‘No subscription is necessary to access these back issues.’
    • ‘And can I interest anyone in a nearly complete set of nine years worth of back issues, numbers 212 through 444?’