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back passage


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euphemistic British
  • The rectum.

    ‘If you have bleeding from the back passage or any swellings around the opening to the bowel (the anus), see your GP.’
    • ‘Readers may recall the legendary story of the 20-year-old Taiwanese woman who had to have a mobile phone surgically removed from her back passage after a sex game went horribly wrong.’
    • ‘She flipped me over, pulled down my bikini and without any word of an excuse me or a shake of the hand she had stuck a thermometer up my back passage.’
    • ‘Because one of the tell-tale symptoms is bleeding from the back passage.’
    • ‘These are investigations using a long, thin telescope (a colonoscope or sigmoidoscope) that is passed via the back passage, so a doctor can directly view the bowel.’
    • ‘Resting comfortably on one side, most people feel only a little discomfort as the colonoscope is carefully inserted into the back passage.’
    • ‘When one of my own patients casually mentioned to me that he had been bleeding from the back passage, I suggested that he should come and see me in the surgery.’
    • ‘He later claimed it was for his personal use to alleviate pain in his back passage.’
    • ‘For the test, a fluid containing barium dye is inserted into the back passage.’
    • ‘The children in Garavogue Villas have got it on their face, legs, genitals and back passage.’