Meaning of back someone into a corner in English:

back someone into a corner


  • Force someone into a difficult situation.

    ‘I was backed into a corner—there was no way out’
    • ‘Absolute compassion - whereby any form of killing is forbidden - backs us into a corner.’
    • ‘During the last two decades of his life, he found himself backed into a corner.’
    • ‘Such manoeuvres, however, are perhaps the inevitable consequence of scientists who are backed into a corner.’
    • ‘Thompson has in some ways been backed into a corner.’
    • ‘They have actually had to be virtually backed into a corner.’
    • ‘The mayor's staff, suddenly backed into a corner, went ballistic.’
    • ‘Simply put, Washington has backed Pyongyang into a corner.’
    • ‘Backed into a corner, the publishers finally made a desperate gamble.’
    • ‘Having backed himself into a corner he still wasn't big enough to admit he was wrong.’
    • ‘It is a desperate act of brinkmanship from Barak, a soldier turned politician, who finds himself backed into a corner.’