Meaning of back station in English:

back station


Australian, New Zealand
  • A part of a farming estate that is separate from the main estate.

    ‘the photograph shows two young settlers riding out to a far back station’
    • ‘On the back stations shearing will be late, and will probably extend well into February.’
    • ‘It was the spirit of the men who, upon the outbreak of hostilities, travelled fast from far back stations by horse.’
    • ‘The back stations were now about to be ploughed up.’
    • ‘Even the back stations have had a very mild winter.’
    • ‘I am also speaking for the men on the back stations, where they have to accommodate a very large number of musterers for a short time every year.’
    • ‘He was old and had had a bad time out on the farthest back station.’
    • ‘The horses were not what I should call really good buckers, such as you might get on a back station.’
    • ‘After his father's death in 1848, he inherited a back-station on Pulletop Creek.’
    • ‘The boy met with an accident on a back station in the North-West.’