Meaning of back straight in English:

back straight

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  • The part of a racecourse that is furthest from the grandstand and parallel to the home straight.

    ‘He fell at the last fence on the back straight but horse and jockey get up unscathed.’
    • ‘The triangular course is reasonably flat although does have a dip at the beginning of the back straight, the famous Swinley Bottom.’
    • ‘I knew in the back straight he was going to run a big race from there on in.’
    • ‘He was always lazy at home and he came off the bridle in the race halfway down the back straight.’
    • ‘Then I kicked again down the back straight and stayed ahead.’
    • ‘He went to the front with 700 metres to go and wound the pace up over the penultimate lap before kicking again on the back straight.’
    • ‘I think the worst place is the hairpin at the end of the back straight but it is quite a wide corner so hopefully everyone will have some space and go safely through.’
    • ‘I think, had the yellow not come out on that lap, I was on the back straight when it came out, I think I could have gone even faster.’
    • ‘The actual qualifying lap itself wasn't going too badly in terms of balance, until the back straight going into Turn eight.’
    • ‘This swings you into turn seven, a right-hander that is negotiated at similar speeds and leads onto the back straight.’
    • ‘The going at the track was described as good to soft, but frozen patches were still affecting the back straight yesterday.’
    • ‘Officials ruled he had broken too early in the first back straight and, consequently, was disqualified.’
    • ‘Running down the back straight - well, there were just so many flashing bulbs.’
    • ‘There is a good overtaking opportunity at the end of the back straight which should make for an interesting race.’
    • ‘In the back straight he seemed to be leading but probably had done too much too soon and paid for it in the last 100m.’
    • ‘He was never really close enough to me coming onto the back straight and he never drafted me, so I chilled out.’
    • ‘Down the back straight for the last time the pace quickened again and I started to row in rhythm with the horse.’
    • ‘Finally in the back straight, he settled down, and he beat a steady cadence down the cinder.’
    • ‘I had very low grip which caused me to slide and run wide before the back straight, which cost me a lot of time.’
    • ‘While the head wind in the final straight will slow the athletes down, the gains on the back straight may more than compensate for this.’