Meaning of backbeat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakbiːt/


  • A strong accent on one of the normally unaccented beats of the bar, used especially in jazz and popular music.

    ‘the song incorporates an exhilarating backbeat’
    • ‘‘All the Rest’ follows with a more focused pop hook and a strong backbeat.’
    • ‘One song was roots rock, the next featured reggae backbeats.’
    • ‘By the album's last few tracks, the fills outweigh the backbeats to the point where he's pushing fusion jazz territory.’
    • ‘The album works on a simple idea: muted backbeats with beautiful acoustic guitar melodies layered on top.’
    • ‘A few nifty time changes really wouldn't go amiss and the relentless search for the funky backbeat often precludes the actual resolution of a hummable tune.’
    • ‘If you were watching closely, you could even catch the occasional moment when the crowd's woozy sway, spurred on by a few almost clubby backbeats, slid into actual dancing.’
    • ‘A steady backbeat conjoined with the wonderfully pacifist chorus ‘You've got to tolerate / All those people that you hate’ make the song one of the album's highlights.’
    • ‘The crisp backbeat and twinkling xylophones remind one of a child's playroom, with toys scattered and overturned, and the sun building shadows in their midst.’
    • ‘Yet by marrying lyrics that name-checked Ezra Pound and TS Eliot as well as Ma Rainey and Beethoven to a rock'n'roll backbeat, he revolutionised popular music.’
    • ‘It's big, it's fast, it's loud, it's got a backbeat you can't move with a juggernaut and it's definitely not clever.’
    • ‘The band often seem shy of their own talents, content to hammer a sloppy backbeat under familiar-sounding changes.’
    • ‘The track features a sweet backbeat that sounds like music that would be played on Halloween, interestingly enough.’
    • ‘So I think when they're playing a backbeat, it's very authentic.’
    • ‘It's meant to be fun and danceable, and as long as the backbeat is steady, you're good to go.’
    • ‘It sounds very much like a stock party beat, with plenty of chimes and a very simple backbeat.’
    • ‘His own music, as most recently heard on the new double studio album, mixes freewheeling improvisation with playful swing and the occasional funky backbeat.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the instrumental arrangements are tweaked just enough from track to track (handclaps, xylophone, 70s disco backbeat, etc.) to sustain the listener's interest.’
    • ‘He has always liked to stitch his folk songwriting to a muted electronic backbeat, and he retains that sense of cautious experimentalism here.’
    • ‘It's all held together with a pulsing electronic backbeat and definitely the lightest of the sounds on offer tonight, with one eye on the student indie clubs and the other on the Top 40.’
    • ‘There is just enough of a techno backbeat and muted changes in the music, without totally distorting the song.’