Meaning of backbend in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakbɛnd/


  • A movement in gymnastics, dance, or yoga in which the body is arched backwards and downwards from an upright position until the hands touch the floor or arched upwards from a supine position, using the hands and feet for support.

    ‘even gentle backbends seemed impossible for me’
    • ‘You can lift your chest to make a slight backbend.’
    • ‘Each dancer had to perform splits in all directions, backbends, contortions, or any unique movement in the dancer's repertoire.’
    • ‘My guru has said backbends are good for blood circulation in the aorta.’
    • ‘Inhale and lift your right arm up, reaching back and moving your spine into a mild backbend.’
    • ‘If you feel sluggish or cold backbends will give you energy by stimulating the kidneys.’
    • ‘The fluid and strong dancers do fabulous backbends, and their spines and arms ripple like water.’
    • ‘By the third backbend, she was all limbered up, ready for the handspring.’
    • ‘We all remember that moment when she's in a backbend and kicks her legs.’
    • ‘At the institute, he does his yoga practice - quiet forward bends, rock-steady headstands, precise backbends - in full view of the students.’
    • ‘Finally, again push your hands and also your feet into the floor bringing your body into a backbend, lifting from the floor up.’
    • ‘It's called bow pose, but isn't it just an upside down backbend?’
    • ‘One teacher described how a backbend clears the airways to creativity, and opens your heart to love and wisdom.’
    • ‘She hadn't done a backbend for a couple weeks and her muscles took a few times to get used to the movement again.’
    • ‘The other day I was about three-quarters of the way through my yoga practice when it came to the point in the middle of backbends where you do a handstand and balance by yourself for twelve breaths.’
    • ‘In another solo he has a couple of suddenly huge, easy backbends that come out of nowhere and vanish into nothing.’
    • ‘I discovered that my backbends were different all the time and that was interesting to me.’
    • ‘Her physicality, however, is consistently breathtaking: extraordinary backbends and jumps were never just isolated effects.’
    • ‘I spent most of the weekend in some seriously sweaty backbends at a yoga workshop atop the beautiful Puck building in Soho, which allowed me, in between sessions, to take in some of what remains of the art scene down there.’
    • ‘This classic yoga backbend strengthens the muscles that extend along your entire spine and increases spine mobility.’
    • ‘Avoid all backbends, twists, and inversions.’