Meaning of backblocker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakblɒkə/


dated Australian, New Zealand
  • A person from the remote and sparsely inhabited interior.

    ‘you could tell he was a backblocker from his deep suntan and the looseness in his stance’
    • ‘He was a typical back-blocker, dry and wiry, nasally cocksure, insolently cool.’
    • ‘Rumours circulated that would have staggered a backblocker.’
    • ‘She never married yet because she doesn't want a backblocker.’
    • ‘The unfortunate backblocker is compelled to take a smaller amount then the British Government paid.’
    • ‘And if a born backblocker may make so bold, it's a fair old treat to see a new chum camping out for the fun of it!’
    • ‘Where the bush merges into the silent desert, the backblocker has his home.’
    • ‘There were some real backblocker chaps, who donned new moleskins for the occasion.’
    • ‘He's a real backblocker; has lived on the frontier all his life.’
    • ‘He's the only poet of the backblocker.’
    • ‘Any backblocker would have come right out with it, in four letters.’
    countryman, countrywoman, peasant, daughter of the soil, son of the soil, country bumpkin, bumpkin, yokel, country cousin


Mid 19th century from backblocks + -er.