Meaning of backcast in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakkɑːst/


  • A backward swing of a fishing line preparatory to casting.

    ‘Wading usually is easy over a gravel bottom of predictable depth and flow, with ample room for backcasts.’
    • ‘With grace and ease that he had entirely lacked, she executed a perfect backcast.’
    • ‘Keeping the trailing bucket and line inside the wide arc of the backcast is a prudent policy.’
    • ‘My competence with a fly rod is on the low side of remarkable, but now the wind is screwing up my backcast.’
    • ‘There are many casting techniques used such as groundcast, backcast over head thump etc.’


[no object]
  • Make a backcast.

    ‘‘Why don't you show Jake how to backcast? ‘suggested Terry.’’
    • ‘A fly rod is an excellent option for night fishing on a low, open pier or dock where room for safe backcasting is available.’