Meaning of backflow in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakfləʊ/

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mass noun
  • The movement of liquid or air back in the direction it was flowing from.

    ‘when filling the tank, use an anti-siphon device to prevent backflow’
    • ‘the valves prevent backflow of blood into the veins’
    • ‘Veins in the legs have valves which normally prevent any backflow of the blood on its way towards the heart.’
    • ‘The reverse flow of electricity or "backflow" can injure an unsuspecting utility worker.’
    • ‘Install a backflow valve to prevent sewer backup from coming into your home.’
    • ‘The lymphatic vessels, like veins, have one-way valves that prevent backflow.’
    • ‘The essence of this approach, perhaps, is the avoidance of process waste by using automation to avoid "information backflow".’
    • ‘Venous ulceration occurs when the valves inside the veins become incompetent, leading to backflow and congestion of venous blood.’
    • ‘Other problems would be backflow into the system or a rising groundwater table that would allow seepage into the collection system.’
    • ‘If backflow occurs during blood sample aspiration or from a transfusion, there also could be contamination.’
    • ‘Patients who have taken those drugs may have changes in their heart valves that cause leakiness and backflow of blood.’
    • ‘Incorrectly installed systems can waste water and care must be taken not to contaminate mains water supplies through backflow.’