Meaning of backhand in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakhand/

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  • 1(in tennis and other racket sports) a stroke played with the back of the hand facing in the direction of the stroke, with the arm across the body.

    ‘he drove a backhand into the net’
    • ‘a backhand volley’
    • ‘They played attacking table tennis with high-speed backhand rallies being prominent.’
    • ‘Some athletes watch videotapes of a single physical skill, such as a backhand stroke in tennis, being performed with perfect technique.’
    • ‘Two other girls from Great Ormond Street chatted about their injuries before they enjoyed some expert coaching to improve their forehands, backhands, lobs and volleys.’
    • ‘On the second, he charged to the net and put away a backhand volley to keep his hopes alive.’
    • ‘She sent her opponent running back with a lunging lob and then dived to put in a backhand angled drop volley.’
    • ‘He's able to return everything that Clay throws at him whether it's a backhand or a forehand groundstroke.’
    • ‘She blew a second match point with a backhand drop shot that fell short.’
    • ‘In tennis, there is the forehand, the backhand, the overhead smash and the drop volley, all with a different grip.’
    • ‘He struck a winning backhand volley to break again for the set, and a break for 4-2 in the second set virtually assured him of victory.’
    • ‘But nobody, as we talked in breaks between forehands and backhands, could have predicted the extraordinary way the story developed at Stamford Bridge last night.’
    • ‘The morning session was focused on improving fundamentals such as forehand and backhand strokes, developing co-ordination, and creating a general awareness of the game.’
    • ‘Behind the pavilion, tennis players traded forehands and backhands on the red courts that spread beneath the canopy of trees in the Edinburgh Gardens.’
    • ‘He can roll or slice his backhand, hook his forehand short, or hit it with a mix of pace and top spin that is formidable.’
    • ‘He saved four more championship points serving at 5-6, finally winning the 24-point game when his opponent dumped a backhand into the net.’
    • ‘This revolution, of course, is about power, about hitting the ball harder than women have ever hit it before, and turning forehands and backhands into serious weaponry.’
    • ‘She fell behind right away in the second, 4-in a single hand and 6-before a backhand drop shot got her on the scoreboard.’
    • ‘A crossed backhand volley in front of the net ended his run at 6-3.’
    • ‘Her often solid game was dotted with some impeccable forehand cross-court returns but her backhand is comparatively weaker.’
    • ‘But the American hit a forehand into the net, then sent a backhand wide and lost the game.’
    • ‘A backhand down-the-line went past her outstretched racquet, and the script changed.’
    1. 1.1A blow or stroke delivered in a similar way to a backhand in tennis and other racket sports.
      as modifier ‘a backhand blow hammered into his wrist’
      • ‘She recovers quickly pivoting on her lead foot to bisect him with a backhand blow.’
      • ‘Her cheek still stings from Marc's backhand.’
      • ‘She felt the hot sting of his backhand across her cheek and jaw.’
      • ‘The man in front of me seemed to strain to turn his head farther around on his neck after receiving a well placed backhand.’
      • ‘It was quickly followed by another backhand to the temple that left Cassandra dizzy and seeing double.’
      • ‘Suddenly, her left hand shot toward the older girl's face in a weak but fast backhand.’
      • ‘Recovering, the guard punched Nathan in the face twice; Nathan responded which a kick to the man's groin and backhand to the right side of his head.’
      • ‘A flying, spinning backhand strike, is a good example of a high risk, low benefit technique.’
      • ‘He shook her a few times and when that didn't work he went for a good old-fashioned backhand slap.’
      • ‘He sliced through the monster with swift backhand sweep of his sword.’


[with object]
  • Strike with a backhanded blow or stroke.

    ‘in a flash, he backhanded Ace across the jaw’
    • ‘‘Lady Christina,’ she roared, backhanding him and sending him flying across the chamber to crash into a set of table and chairs.’
    • ‘He yelled at me, backhanding me across the face.’
    • ‘Christine lunged at Denton again, the Master backhanding her to send her precariously near the edge of the roof, her head spinning from the force of the blow.’
    • ‘I stood up and ran at her, but she disappeared and materialized behind me, backhanding me brutally, and I doubled over trying to keep my balance.’
    • ‘She felt like backhanding him at that point, but then realized he didn't know about her bad history with the male species.’
    • ‘She looked at him briefly before backhanding him again with her hand.’
    • ‘Reika parries a downward thrust and spins around, backhanding her adversary.’
    • ‘The duke slashed out with a sound of fury, backhanding Edith across the face.’
    • ‘He didn't even hesitate before stepping forward and backhanding her across the cheek.’
    • ‘Her opponent acted fast, rising from his crouch and backhanding her across the face.’
    • ‘I ended up backhanding Nicole, making sure I left my mark as she'd left hers.’
    • ‘Francine went to backhand him across the face, but Keiran held up his book and she wacked her hand across the hardcover.’
    • ‘With the abruptness of a striking cobra, Noah backhands him across his face.’
    • ‘The woman slaps her, and Casey backhands her, knocking her a good six foot back.’
    • ‘I was afraid he was going to backhand me, so I flinched, nearly falling back.’
    • ‘Snarling, he raised a hand to backhand me, and I brought up an arm and braced myself for the blow.’
    • ‘Then I saw him backhand her so hard that she fell back and hit her head against the desk.’
    • ‘Collar quickly rushed forward and backhanded the ball sending it back over the net.’
    • ‘Jyger backhanded the guard hard across the face, throwing him to the ground.’
    • ‘I served against the backboard and backhanded the ball that bounced back.’