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  • 1A blow made with the back of the hand.

    • ‘shut up, or I'll give you a backhander’
    1. 1.1A backhand stroke or shot in a game.
      ‘Hunter flipped in a backhander’
      • ‘All of these tactics can work, just as a slap shot, a snap shot, a wrist shot or a backhander will work in the right situation.’
      • ‘Gathering the puck, he sent a backhander past the goalie, tying the game.’
      • ‘There was no hesitation, as there has been with so many other shooters, before he fired a backhander behind the goalie.’
      • ‘Another Dutch star produced a stunner of a backhander for the golden goal.’
      • ‘He put a backhander past the goaltender with 2: 46 left in the second, giving his team a 2-1 lead.’
  • 2British informal A secret and illegal payment; a bribe.

    • ‘a fortune had been paid in backhanders to local officials’
    • ‘The problem is not just the bribes and the backhanders, it is the way political parties are financed through private donations.’
    • ‘Detectives are investigating a senior figure at the Council following claims that the official received backhanders from companies which operated local council contracts.’
    • ‘His payment for the information he provided was modest, as backhanders go: a small truck.’
    • ‘The ferry owner says some officials take backhanders to issue fitness certificates and licenses for vessels that are not shipshape.’
    • ‘There could be backhanders, bribed officials and matches fixed.’
    • ‘It is now worth more than 100 times that figure, partly due to rezoning which, it is alleged, was facilitated by backhanders to county councillors.’
    • ‘Let there be no more blank cheques, backhanders or silent funding!’
    • ‘This was an economy of licence fees, backhanders and extortion.’
    • ‘We know that the legal authorities have proven untrustworthy, and we have heard reports of backhanders by police and general corruption.’
    • ‘I've had people ringing me up telling me that my career is over, and I've had people try and offer me huge backhander sums to slip them some information.’
    • ‘If that doesn't get you noticed, you can always supplement your civil service pension with backhanders.’
    • ‘Energy deregulation resulted from lobbying by executives and backhanders paid to politicians.’
    • ‘Perhaps he takes backhanders and lives in Monaco at the weekend.’
    • ‘Judges are often bought off and the country's massive bureaucracy is riddled with layers of corruption involving endless backhanders.’
    • ‘If you are going to give people backhanders to keep them on, the structure goes out of the window, and goodness knows where you end up.’
    • ‘‘They give small allocations to the clubs involved,’ he said, ‘in favour of corporate hospitality and backhanders to sponsors,’ he said.’
    • ‘Petty corruption is rife in the country, from backhanders in hospitals to police rip-offs; foreign businessmen rank it as among Asia's most fraud-ridden economies.’
    • ‘His friend Alfie - a cop suspended for accepting backhanders - has a moneymaking idea.’
    • ‘Paying backhanders or providing fake employment information will be punished.’
    • ‘I have received personal criticism in nasty sniping ways, even being accused publicly of taking a backhander.’
    payment, payout, reward, recompense, consideration



/ˈbakˌhandə/ /ˌbakˈhandə/