Meaning of backlight in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaklʌɪt/

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mass noun
  • Illumination from behind.

    as modifier ‘the camera offers useful features such as backlight compensation’
    • ‘If you are using a lighting kit, add a bit of extra backlight for that moonlight effect.’
    • ‘So I shot them all in backlight and each close-up in backlight and the studio came back and said, ‘We have to do this one over again.’’
    • ‘Powering on the unit by pressing the Play / Pause button lights up the main display with a cool blue backlight.’
    • ‘By default, the matrix brightness parameter is set at 50% and the contrast and backlight brightness at 100%.’
    • ‘Finally, just below the display are small power and backlight buttons surrounding a large and highly visible scan key.’
    • ‘The lightweight cell phone comes with an external LCD with a choice of 7 backlight colors to make your phone more personal.’
    • ‘A large panel on the side began to lift open vertically at a dramatically slow speed and with a dull noise, revealing several dark shapes, silhouetted against a large white backlight.’
    • ‘Keys are illuminated by a soothing blue backlight.’
    • ‘The artistic use of backlight make this a standout.’
    • ‘Snuggled up in the near-dark, Matilda's backlight casting a faint glow on us, we decided to play a little game with her.’
    • ‘Reverse backlight illuminates the numbers instead of the background.’
    • ‘One interesting feature is the ability to change the colour of the LCD backlight by pressing the C button on the front of the unit.’
    • ‘Beware of windows in the background: you don't want to shoot your dancer against too much backlight.’
    • ‘The reverse backlight stays illuminated as long as you're fussing with buttons.’
    • ‘The system, power button and LCD backlight provide an eerie glow in a darkened room.’
    • ‘I also found it hard to read text labels on some buttons, even with the remote's backlight.’
    • ‘The room was large and bathed in backlight, the walls dotted with pastel polka dots.’
    • ‘Using the phone's LCD backlight as a flashlight, Joanna made it to her room safely and silently.’
    • ‘If you have portable lights, you can dramatically improve your shots using the three-point lighting technique based around a key light, a fill light and a backlight.’
    • ‘The screen has a gorgeous bright-blue backlight.’

verbbacklit, backlighted

[with object]
  • Illuminate from behind.

    as adjective backlit ‘a backlit LCD screen’
    • ‘On the other hand, brightly colored variegated ribbon grass planted behind catmint backlights the catmint and makes its flowers recede.’
    • ‘Some in the creative family would have you think Los Angeles writers are not serious because we craft in the shadow of a neon sign that backlights caricatures for the world to see.’
    • ‘They climb high on the rugged hillside to outrun the creeping light of the waxing moon, which backlights a skyline of shark-tooth peaks.’
    • ‘An easy-to-read 5 ½ -in. backlighted liquid-crystal display indicates pH, temperature, date and time, and the status of all relays and outputs.’
    • ‘The pod, when backlighted by a bright sky, will have its cavities completely occupied by dark green seeds.’
    • ‘The tropical sun shined from behind her backlighting the sky, illuminating Amanda's skin.’
    • ‘The light shone from directly behind her, backlighting her reflection, making her a black silhouette against the glass, until her eyes adjusted.’
    • ‘The sun rose behind the Tower, backlighting it in the brilliance of a sunrise.’
    • ‘On sunny days work early and late, when the sun, backlighting the leaves, creates a translucent glow.’
    • ‘The monochrome screen is not backlit, and there are just 2 megabytes of memory.’
    • ‘Looking at the ears of the cat, you can see that the ambient light is coming from above and slightly behind the animal's head, backlighting the ears and almost making them translucent.’
    • ‘The 7.2in screen is backlit using LEDs, a technology not usually found in notebooks.’
    • ‘In small numbers and backed by deep meadow grasses, nettles can be most beautiful plants when they're backlit with low summer evening sunshine.’
    • ‘The four-line, backlit LCD is easy to navigate, and you can delete tracks on screen as well as with the easy-to-use software package.’
    • ‘Riding into a glorious sunset which backlit the stunning giant rock formations that seemed to erupt from the desert floor, we reached Tuba City just after dark.’
    • ‘The birds were backlit by the rising sun, but as far as I could tell they were plain brown with heavy, decurved bills that did not have knobs.’
    • ‘I looked up at the guard, a shadow backlit by the light from the door.’
    • ‘The rain beat against them, the harsh patter backlit by lightning and the rumble of distant thunder.’
    • ‘In her room Enid has a backlit faux stained-glass panorama of waterfalls and woods, gaudy, like something in a bad restaurant.’
    • ‘The image on that backlit sign is of two young women with beaming smiles upon their faces.’