Meaning of backplane in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakpleɪn/


  • A board to which the main circuit boards of a computer may be connected, and which provides connections between them.

    ‘Your home PC needs the backplane and connections to handle USB and FireWire devices, game controllers, coaxial and composite video input from your cable TV or satellite box and so forth.’
    • ‘Recently, Ethernet has made another important leap - into the backplane as a bus connectivity architecture within standards-based industrial computers.’
    • ‘As discussed previously, the bandwidth scalability of an enterprise SAN backbone is determined by the number of ports connected to the backplane of the switch or Director used for that backbone.’
    • ‘The switching device includes network interface cards connected to a common backplane.’
    • ‘Intelligent switches have high-speed internal architectures utilizing network processors, real-time operating systems and 25Gb backplanes.’
    • ‘A backplane is a physical board that is typically integrated to the backend of an enclosure.’
    • ‘When mounting cards into the PCI slots the case backplane did not flex much which is good - in many cheaper cases the motherboard is allowed to flex too much which can cause card seating problems or damage.’
    • ‘Today, many backplane manufacturers develop a backplane for SCSI drives and a separate backplane for ATA drives.’
    • ‘Eventually, standards emerged, the backplane became the backbone of the enterprise, and the islands of information began to join.’
    • ‘A serial backplane is easier to upgrade than a parallel backplane.’
    • ‘One might be the idea that a SAS backplane or system is not only compatible with SAS disk drives, but SATA disk drives.’
    • ‘In a bladed switch, the bandwidth available between ports on the same blade or the bandwidth across the backplane might be the bottleneck.’
    • ‘I believe the cabling should be the same and, if you have a backplane there, that interface would remain the same.’
    • ‘Bigger backplanes also mean more pixels and more chances of pixel failure so production yields are lower.’
    • ‘Today, many applications serialize parallel data across the backplane.’
    • ‘System architecture may require peer-to-peer transaction support, such as direct communication between two application servers across the switched backplane.’
    • ‘Lastly, availability is disadvantaged by a dependency on a common backplane between the storage managers.’
    • ‘To protect against unplanned downtime events chassis-bound architectures rely on a complex system of proprietary backplanes, interconnects, and processors.’
    • ‘Blade servers are relatively new, and as of yet, no standards exist for backplanes or blade formats.’
    • ‘However, the former was not geared for intensive long-term operation and was unpopular because of the limited availability of important components, such as hot-swap systems or backplanes.’