Meaning of backsight in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaksʌɪt/

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  • 1The sight of a rifle or other weapon that is nearer the eye of the person aiming.

    ‘The first M91 / 30 rifles therefore, used the curved backsights of the old dragoon rifles.’
    • ‘He ran his thumb along his rifle's backsight.’
    • ‘The Model 41 has an undercut square post foresight, but its backsight attracted interest since it is mounted on a rib extending rearwards from the barrel.’
    • ‘To the left of the receiver is its backsight, in the form of a rearward, horizontal extension with a peep hole, controlled by a 2 3/16" diameter dial drum with gradations from 2[00] to 18[00] yards.’
  • 2Surveying
    A sight or reading taken backwards or towards the point of starting.

    ‘Taking backsights is a way of detecting errors and blunders in reading instruments.’
    • ‘The first reading of almost any survey job should be a backsight onto a fixed point of reference, usually a benchmark of some sort.’
    • ‘If your party is recording corrected backsights be sure to read the upper scale if you are shooting a backsight.’
    • ‘This process is an example of one done without using backsights, still fairly common.’
    • ‘Support for a wide range of data styles, including ‘interleaved data’, backsights, underwater surveys performed with a depth gauge, and unsurveyed visual connections.’