Meaning of backstamp in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakstamp/


  • A mark stamped on the back of a plate or a letter.

    ‘It features a gold-painted 60th-anniversary backstamp along with the Animators' Choice designation.’
    • ‘Open stock price lists, as well as the backstamps on each item, included the names of the scenes.’
    • ‘The new oval design replaced the previous backstamps of the Botanic Garden and Pomona ranges.’
    • ‘Using different backstamps would allow the pottery to convey a different meaning to the same piece of ware.’
    • ‘Postmark is April 29, 1937, and the backstamp is Manila April 29, 1937, as part of the first contract flight.’
    • ‘Just to make life difficult for the collector, some items do and others do not have, a backstamp.’
    • ‘There are other Hall backstamps, but these are the ones that will be found on teapots.’
    • ‘On the reverse of a Cloisonne or Epola hard enamel pin can be molded a raised base metal backstamp of a small graphic or script such as a website address.’
    • ‘Here we are slowly putting up the backstamps by maker.’
    • ‘Further, the evidence suggests that they were not too strict in their use of backstamps and some were used long after they had been superseded.’
    • ‘Check out our backstamps and dating page for some fascinating and helpful information and gallery of historical backstamps.’
    • ‘This section will be updated soon with more backstamps and information!’
    • ‘The ‘CO number’ under the backstamp is just my way of referring to the mark - they have no significance at all.’
    • ‘He used the pattern name, or sometimes the shape name, in his backstamps.’
    • ‘Acquire the ability to recognize and be on the lookout for overglaze decals in the center of a plate, platter, bowl or the like, as well as overglaze backstamps.’
    • ‘All BG backstamps between 1982 and 1999 have the figures 8 and 2 in the backstamp.’