Meaning of backswept in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakswɛpt/


  • Swept, slanted, or sloped backwards.

    ‘his backswept hair’
    • ‘The large eye-catching flowers 1 to 4 inches across are usually red and yellow and have six backswept, often crinkled, petals and protruding stamens.’
    • ‘It had fangs sticking out of its upper and lower jaw, which was common enough, but no wings straddling the row of spikes that also ran, backswept, over its back.’
    • ‘The ships were the kind of swift feluccas preferred by the desert warlords, with odd-looking lateen sails and long, backswept oars pointing downwards into the water.’
    • ‘‘The sweeps are now cast metal and the backswept knife runs shallower, requiring less power,’ he says.’
    • ‘This airflow creates a drag force that is substantially reduced by winglets and backswept wingtips resulting in increased flying range and reduced fuel consumption.’
    • ‘It has three different styles of backswept fertilizer knives, including the N - 19, which are great for use with vegetable crops.’
    • ‘The backswept tooth configuration also delivers self-cleaning action to reduce build-up in damp or sticky soils, while the improved hubcap design speeds assembly and installation.’
    • ‘The team has made a minor design change to the wing extension from a blended winglet ™ to a commercially proven raked or backswept wing tip, to better suit the Navy's unique mission requirements and increases overall performance for maritime patrol missions.’
    • ‘The head is adorned with two horns, a crest that reaches partway down the neck, three backswept short spikes at the corners of the jaws, and backswept tendrils at the corners of the eyes and the sides of the head.’
    • ‘The compressor is of radial type and provided with an impeller with backswept blades where the blade angle between an imaginary extension of the center line of the blade between root section and tip section in the direction of the outlet tangent and a line which connects the center axis of the impeller to the outer tip of the blade is at least roughly 45°.’
    • ‘Designed especially for the no-till openers, the Angled Tooth Closing Wheel features a thin, backswept angled tooth which allows for easy soil penetration, improved seed furrow closing and optimum seed-to-soil contact.’
    • ‘Most of the pictures showed Frank senior in his early forties, with his broad gleaming grin and backswept hair.’