Meaning of backsword in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaksɔːd/

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  • A sword with only one cutting edge.

    ‘In order to be proficient, he indicated that the following forms must be learned: rapier and dagger, staffe, backsword, single rapier, longsword and dagger, and shortsword and dagger.’
    • ‘David, it is possible that, according to him the backsword was a larger version of the single stick.’
    • ‘This is a copy of a basket hilted backsword which is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.’
    • ‘The blade was generally double edged, though single-edged versions known as backswords were not uncommon.’
    • ‘We wanted to develop a serious tactical backsword optimized for personal defense situations.’
    • ‘The other ranks were issued Basket-hilt backswords while the Officers had to supply their own.’
    • ‘That's right, I'm talking about the correct use of broadswords, backswords, sabers, cutlasses, & spadroons.’
    • ‘The grips of the backswords are covered with wire-wrapped genuine rayskin and the basket liners are crafted in fabric-covered leather.’
    • ‘Fine basket-hilted broadswords and backswords would be carried suspended from tooled baldrics with brass or silver buckles and trim.’
    • ‘Whereas the ‘cudgel’ was, as stated, for learning the use of the backsword / broadsword.’
    • ‘For single-edged backswords, only 1/2’ of foam need be used for the back edge.’
    • ‘Some backswords do have a short false edge, but one would think that he would then have preferred to make the final cut with the front edge.’
    • ‘Combatants in these duels used a variety of weapons, including singlesticks, quarterstaffs, and backswords, and the bouts were often bloody and occasionally fatal.’
    • ‘With a blast of bagpipes, the 78th Fraser Highlanders march out a side door, Scottish backswords raised, and solemnly lead His Royal Highness into the Winter Garden Show.’
    • ‘The edge parry was used with the Highland broadsword and backsword by 1728.’
    • ‘Their Scottish backsword is fitted with opposing side rings that offer a good deal of hand protection while keeping the hilt light and easy to wear.’
    • ‘This course will draw from the Pallas Armata and build combatants able to fence competitively with the backsword.’
    • ‘By the second quarter of the 18th century the broadsword was declining in use and the backsword, which is a thick-backed single-edged blade, was coming into more common use, and unfortunately many of the double- and triple-fullered blades of the 17th century were altered into backswords by grinding down one edge and bringing the point back about one-third of the way from the end.’
    • ‘Reproduction swords include basket hilts, mortuary half baskets, rapiers, traditional claymores, officers' broadswords and backswords.’