Meaning of bacon and eggs in English:

bacon and eggs


mass noun
  • 1A dish of grilled or fried bacon served with fried eggs.

    ‘the smell of bacon and eggs wafted into the room’
    • ‘After showering and dressing in fleece and shirt we were ready for bacon and eggs.’
    • ‘No need for old-fashioned healthy eating and exercise, says Atkins, bacon and eggs will make you slim.’
    • ‘Twenty minutes later he emerges from the kitchen and handed her a plate of bacon and eggs.’
    • ‘He's now tackling a mound of pancakes and bacon and eggs, washed down with endless cups of coffee.’
    • ‘Try the traditional breakfast of saltfish and ackee - far superior to bacon and eggs.’
    • ‘After the crispy bacon and eggs, home made bread with lots of fresh coffee served by a blond waitress, we were ready for the day ahead.’
    • ‘If he was on a 12-hour shift, he'd have bacon and eggs in the morning and sausage and eggs at lunchtime.’
    • ‘He stopped smoking at the age of 65, but refused to give up his favourite meal - a fry-up of bacon and eggs.’
    • ‘Dinner was bacon and eggs cooked on an open fire by the tent.’
    • ‘The all-day breakfast brings together one of the most sublime combinations of ingredients - bacon and eggs, toasted muffins and buttery hollandaise sauce.’
  • 2

    (also bacon-and-eggs)
    another term for eggs and bacon