Meaning of bad luck in English:

bad luck


  • Used to express sympathy or commiserations.

    • ‘bad luck, Dora—perhaps you hit the ball a little too hard?’
    • ‘They look at the situation and say, ‘Well, tough luck, Nova Scotia, we'll give it to New Brunswick.’’
    • ‘So the grand final was switched to Sunday night, and by the time the presentations are made, its 10 pm or later - tough luck if you live in Queensland or Victoria and the kids have to go to school the next day.’
    • ‘If a woman has had 8 children already and is worn out with the demands already put on her, taking anti-depressants and determined that she can't cope with anymore, do we say No, tough luck.’
    • ‘What am I going to say… ‘Sorry mate, tough luck that's mine… just in case I get sick sometime in the distant future’?’
    • ‘The column has merely reflected the views of ninety nine per cent of the local community and if that sours one or two people then tough luck.’
    • ‘And if that doesn't suit management then tough luck.’
    • ‘Sometimes things that happen on your property affect others, and it's not fair to say tough luck just because you own that plot of land.’
    • ‘And he came up with a new line which was basically, tough luck, that's how business is done in Washington.’
    • ‘I don't care if you were hoping to see something amusing… tough luck.’
    • ‘So all you ladies jumping on the bandwagon after this movie, tough luck, but I've got first dibs!’
    • ‘Why not institute a policy whereby those who've paid up front are guaranteed their seats and if they miss the flight, then tough luck?’
    • ‘Well tough luck, sucker, for Washington's relief package does nothing for you.’
    • ‘In looking at the responses, I see it has annoyed more than a few of his fans - tough luck, people.’
    • ‘That is the right message on Iraq, and if undecided voters find it too bold and unmodulated, tough luck.’
    • ‘But tough luck, we did, and now we have to belly up to the fallout.’
    • ‘We function based on these beliefs labelled into finite categories and if you do not believe, tough luck, you lose.’
    • ‘Great if you can swim in the deep end, tough luck if you can't go out of your depth like myself.’
    • ‘So if you are young person looking to start up your own business, tough luck.’
    • ‘So for those of you who thought you could learn how to sing this good, tough luck.’
    • ‘Last week I did some more interesting things, but there wasn't a weblog then, so tough luck.’