Meaning of bad seed in English:

bad seed


informal mainly US
  • A person regarded as bad or corrupt by nature and liable to have a harmful influence on other people.

    • ‘school officials became exasperated and wrote her off as a bad seed’
    • ‘A few insiders say the player has long been a bad seed in their club.’
    • ‘I have written articles on what a bad seed he is, for major newspapers.’
    • ‘The problem is, like many other examples, a few bad seeds create an image problem for all users.’
    • ‘But I hate how a few bad seeds deem the organization and its fans as classless as a whole.’
    • ‘Howland had to jettison the bad seeds and poor fits and replace them with committed, tough-minded athletes.’
    • ‘Nobody wants to recruit bad seeds, but when the screws get tightened, risks are taken.’
    • ‘Tell Commissioner Kelly to weed out the bad seeds in the NYPD.’
    • ‘I think it's unfair to deduce that he is no good, will treat her badly and is a bad seed simply because he got in a car first.’
    • ‘It sure wasn't 'chemistry' - they played just as bad when the bad seed left town.’
    • ‘Gloria is concerned that her 10-month-old may be a bad seed.’