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Pronunciation /ˈbadas/

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informal North American
  • 1A tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.

    • ‘one of them is a real badass, the other's pretty friendly’
    • ‘Together they run through the obligatory tunes about being badasses, living for rock 'n' roll, and, in classic metal ballad form, confessing that even a confirmed rock 'n' roll badass needs a lady by his side.’
    • ‘I wonder if he is physically up for playing one of the biggest badasses I've ever encountered in my (decidedly pathetic) comic-reading history?’
    • ‘Police need to know we're watching them, that getting personal and acting like unruly badasses helps us do the same and gives all the many good cops a bad name.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's because leather jackets have, for as long as I can remember, been associated with guys with a bad-boy image - mobsters, celebrity badasses and motorcycle enthusiasts alike exude such personas.’
    • ‘On the street, it serves to warn off would-be badasses; in an interrogation situation it serves to intimidate the person questioned - a cop who is ready to do you violence is more likely to think he can do you violence and get away with it.’
    • ‘It was the era of the trash talking foul-mouthed badasses.’
    • ‘Everything about their demeanor proclaimed them to be badasses.’
    • ‘He's just a real badass, wedded to the mission without really caring what it is.’
    • ‘Yet we're soon shown through a series of flashbacks that Veronica was not always an unapologetic badass.’
    • ‘He's a badass who enjoys smashing things just for the thrill of it.’
    • ‘I wasn't one of those girls that smoked in high school, but rest assured I was a badass.’
    • ‘He's decided that the only way to get on in this world is to be a badass.’
    persecutor, oppressor, tyrant, tormentor, browbeater, intimidator, coercer, subjugator, crybully
    1. 1.1A formidably impressive person.
      ‘she is so wonderful, so sweet, so rad, so amazing; she's a badass’
      • ‘You feel like so much more of a badass when you can actually do all of the things your character does, rather than have to fake it.’
      • ‘He is a certified Ubermensch and an all-round badass.’
      • ‘I'm a multitasking badass and you're a disgrace.’
      • ‘She's a badass, so she's handling all of this with grace and dignity.’
      • ‘He's an intellectual badass, capable of reading a complete stranger's biography based on the guy's cuff links.’
      • ‘I continued to feel guilty even though I simultaneously felt like a badass for doing something that I was explicitly told was not allowed.’
      • ‘All of a sudden you're the biggest badass in tech journalism and can write wherever you want.’
      • ‘"Thankfully my wife is a total badass, which is why I've been able to do what I do," he says.’
      • ‘She was a total badass who fought against the government, capitalism and inequality.’
      • ‘Math skills help, but that's not all it takes to be a poker badass.’


informal North American
  • 1Tough, uncompromising, or intimidating.

    • ‘a badass demeanour’
    • ‘She tries to be tough and wild and badass while reviving the grunge rock of the early 1990s with an angsty feminine twist.’
    • ‘He turns stereotypically feminine qualities like compassion and forgiveness into swarthy, macho rebel stances - this is one big, badass Jesus.’
    • ‘The first two seasons set up an expectation that you'd be seeing people getting whacked every episode, and a lot of badass mob stuff - the kind of thing certain people can live vicariously through.’
    • ‘Yes, yes, you're badass, but only because your might is predicated on the element of surprise (you're usually so sweet).’
    • ‘The three tracks featured here taint an otherwise spotless collection of candyfloss pop (with a veneer of badass rock'n'roll attitude).’
    • ‘Of course both rings get stolen and are soon up for auction to the richest and most badass criminal organisations.’
    • ‘It's just an umbrella but I feel like a badass Arizona gunslinger skinning his Colt six gun when I get that wrist flick right.’
    • ‘Couple this with a few bits and pieces that didn't really add up to much more than a few hints about what's going on with this guy, add a badass attitude, and there you go.’
    • ‘And finally, he lacks a badass attitude and any visible tattoos.’
    • ‘The ease of the exchange increased my hopes of maybe getting my hands on some kind of badass weaponry later on, but I should have known I'd be let down.’
    • ‘Only in the movies does badass bullying expose conspiracies rather than recruit new conspirators to the cause.’
    • ‘As for the bass player, his years in juvie had given him a fearlessly badass certainty.’
    • ‘I thought the whole purpose of his change from badass lord of darkness to biker guy was so that he could slowly get out of the business.’
    • ‘Conner's badass attitude and cool and collected personality was what was on her mind.’
    strict, stern, severe, hard, harsh, firm, hard-hitting, adamant, inflexible, unyielding, unbending, uncompromising, unsentimental, unsympathetic
    1. 1.1Impressive; excellent.
      ‘this was one badass camera’
      • ‘McGill University, however, has found a way to increase access to its rare books - thanks to a lot of grant money and one badass digital camera.’
      • ‘Once they figured that out, they had some pretty badass stuff on their hands - as an excellent story in News reports.’
      • ‘We felt all badass till we noticed that the true VIPs were sitting in bleacher seats right behind the stage.’
      • ‘That is the most badass sword I have ever seen.’
      • ‘Today we're looking at the badass women who make up the nominees for the Best Drama Actress category.’
      • ‘If you like her photography, consider giving her a few bucks towards a badass camera.’
      • ‘‘Where can I buy a badass computer for under $2000?’’
      • ‘For those that scoff at the TV or simply have a badass computer monitor, Dave has some good news for you.’
      • ‘Not even if he's incredibly smart and gorgeous and into the same kind of music as you and has a mind like a razor and a badass haircut and kisses like a dream?’
      • ‘We took in the Sixers/Nets game over some badass wings and a few buckets of beers.’
      • ‘When you get down to the fundamentals, maybe I shouldn't be building the biggest badass processors I can make.’
      admirable, accomplished, expert, skilled, skilful, masterly, consummate