Main meanings of bae in English

: bae1BAe2


Pronunciation /beɪ/


informal US
  • A person's boyfriend or girlfriend (often as a form of address)

    • ‘I'm going to see my bae’
    • ‘Bae just made me tacos’
    • ‘what's wrong, bae?’
    • ‘"Me and my bae out today," she wrote online.’
    • ‘Kim has posted a photo of her and her "bae" from their recent date night in Melbourne.’
    • ‘She posted a photo of herself with the birthday girl and wrote, "Had to come celebrate with my new boo Happy Birthday bae."’
    • ‘Looks like Christina is Wayne's newest industry bae!’
    • ‘Usher has already declared that his bae is a good kisser.’
    • ‘If this doesn't make you wanna grab bae and hold him or her close, I don't know what will!’
    • ‘On the laid-back tune, she entertains the thought of heading over to her bae's place during the wee hours of the morn.’
    • ‘Well, her rumoured new bae, Martin, was also in the vicinity, playing a gig.’
    • ‘Now that my bae is set to return, I gotta quit it.’
    • ‘Whilst her look was a bit trashy (hey, bae is from The Bronx after all), it at least showed off her mega toned body.’


Early 21st century abbreviation of baby or babe.

Main meanings of BAe in English

: bae1BAe2


Pronunciation /biːeɪˈiː/


  • British Aerospace (now BAE Systems).