Meaning of baffler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaflə/


another term for baffle
‘She span the fighter round, activated the sensor baffler and sped towards the asteroid.’
  • ‘The code didn't connect directly to the labs, he had found out, but bounced the signal through multiple stations and scrambled the signal with bafflers.’
  • ‘Called the ‘bafflers’ of the reef, they slow the water motion and provide quiet places for sediments to settle.’
  • ‘The longest baffler reef in the Western Hemisphere runs offshore, letting you reach along inside with 15-to 20-knot wind on a flat sea.’
  • ‘You can always spot a ‘television personality’, even when they aren't actually on television, because they carry their ‘made-up’ persona in front of them, like some sort of baffler, or Ready Brek force field.’