Meaning of bafflingly in English:



See baffling

as submodifier ‘his team selection has been bafflingly erratic’
  • ‘Some of the tunes are bafflingly uncategorisable.’
  • ‘The identity and motive of Alexander's would-be killer prove predictable and irrelevant, while the vague supernatural undertones of the flashbacks are bafflingly silly, introduced abruptly and forgotten just as quickly.’
  • ‘This is where science & technology take over - except, curiously enough, researchers are yet to fully grasp the physics of swing bowling, just as they have failed, equally bafflingly, to find a cure for common cold.’
  • ‘The political specifics of his plots can seem bafflingly complex.’
  • ‘Australia, bafflingly, has seriously trailed the United States in its use of air conditioning (particularly in people's homes) but we do seem to be finally getting there.’
  • ‘Somewhat bafflingly, no alternate subtitles are included on this disc.’