Meaning of bag and baggage in English:

bag and baggage


  • With all one's belongings.

    ‘he threw her out bag and baggage’
    • ‘The next day, I was singled out as an ‘S’ passenger at the airport; I presume the S stood for ‘suspect’, since I was searched head-to-toe, bag and baggage, almost misplacing my Christmas present.’
    • ‘Ms Hughes added: ‘After getting the council's letter last week I told them I had no choice but to move bag and baggage and that I was moving into private rented accommodation.’’
    • ‘The council estate consists of 10 single-story units where a number of families and elderly citizens moved in, bag and baggage, at the official opening of the estate on Monday, February 9.’
    • ‘The next move landed us only at Jammu without bag and baggage and reeling under the tremendous agony, desperation and exasperation, thinking what is in our fate.’
    • ‘I was on a three-week vacation and it turned me into shifting bag and baggage to India.’
    • ‘Nobody is packing up bag and baggage and leaving.’
    • ‘Having no other alternative place to go to, they moved bag and baggage to the City Railway Station triggering off utter chaos and confusion there.’
    • ‘I happen to believe that she was right to refuse to compromise with Galtieri and to insist that the Argentinians had to leave the Falklands, bag and baggage.’
    • ‘The Kollywood fraternity has packed bag and baggage for a hectic week abroad, doing what they do best - entertaining.’
    • ‘At Wagah, every passenger has to once again disembark with bag and baggage for the Pakistani round of immigration checks.’
    • ‘She packs bag and baggage and leaves with a vague address for a relative in the big city (Delhi).’
    • ‘Town proprietor John Nininger ‘was sued for one of his debts $1200, and he ran off bag and baggage in a hurry leaving a number of unpaid debts behind him.’’
    • ‘In the end he went bag and baggage over to Lachmann's camp.’
    • ‘They found it expedient, therefore, to fall back upon the old bag and baggage argument about the Ottoman Empire “being foreign to Western civilization.”’
    • ‘They could be moved bag and baggage to some isolated northern wilderness.’
    • ‘Before a year had passed the regiment was ordered to be re-established, and our household decamped with bag and baggage for Dublin.’
    • ‘Finally they packed up bag and baggage and moved to Coyote, some miles west along Coyote Creek.’
    • ‘The man issued his proclamation declaring Chinatown to be a “nuisance,” and requiring its inhabitants to get out with their bag and baggage within thirty days.’
    • ‘The offer of the Waco church was accepted and in 1896, students and faculty moved bag and baggage to Waco.’
    • ‘The town of Ellis moved bag and baggage to Tracy including moving two hotels.’