Meaning of bag on in English:

bag on

phrasal verb

informal North American
  • bag on someone or somethingCriticize someone or something.

    • ‘I don't know why everyone is bagging on Palmer’
    • ‘I don't know why people are still bagging on her.’
    • ‘There's no need to bag on someone for not agreeing with you.’
    • ‘We all love original horror films and a lot of us love to bag on studios and their horror remakes, gimmicks and 3D trickery.’
    • ‘As much as we bag on our elected officials (and deservedly so) this is the kind of stuff that takes up a large portion of their day.’
    • ‘I always hate to bag on a movie but I have to admit that this one was a tough one to get through.’
    • ‘There are a lot of smug haters out there who bag on my choice of a name, but I don't care about what they think.’
    • ‘People like to bag on The Walking Dead because it concerns itself more with people arguing than people fighting zombies, but that's the whole point.’
    • ‘It's not my style to bag on people unless they do something egregiously wrong.’
    • ‘For you losers that are bagging on her about this being her third marriage she was married the first time for 4 years, the second time for 16 years.’
    • ‘He says I've been bagging on the Phillies too much.’
    • ‘Ah, everybody's bagging on Frankie.’
    find fault with, censure, denounce, condemn, arraign, attack, lambast, pillory, disapprove of, carp at, cavil at, rail against, inveigh against, cast aspersions on, pour scorn on, disparage, denigrate, deprecate, malign, vilify, besmirch, run down, give a bad press to