Meaning of bagel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbeɪɡl/

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(also beigel)
  • 1A dense bread roll in the shape of a ring, made by boiling dough and then baking it.

    ‘I ate a toasted bagel with cream cheese’
    • ‘poppyseed bagels’
    • ‘Wholemeal, ciabatta, bagels, pitta bread or tortilla wraps will be a welcome change.’
    • ‘They eat a nang, flat bread shaped like a bagel or pancake and made with wheat or corn flour.’
    • ‘Bagel Palace is to bagels what Cindarella's castle in Disney is to Buckingham Palace in England.’
    • ‘But you can gain more from grains by selecting whole wheat or whole grain pasta, bagels and bread.’
    • ‘Although, if they were dunking Nacho Cheese bagels in their coffee I would have shmeared my eyes out.’
    • ‘For example, those of us from the East coast mentioned the lack of good bagels or corned beef in Seattle.’
    • ‘Multigrain bread, bagels, raisin bread and pita pockets are healthy bases for a nutritious lunch.’
    • ‘In any case, a need to salvage some profit saw Rocca and Heather turn the returned bagels into bagel chips.’
    • ‘After a few months I might expand to toasting bagels, baps, teacakes and crumpets.’
    • ‘When the onion ring appetizer arrived we were astonished to see that it consisted of about two dozen rings the size of bagels.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, she bakes great bagels at the market and there's no doubting the appreciation of her customers.’
    • ‘But in the morning, they reportedly are given fruit, bread, and bagels and cream cheese.’
    • ‘One Thursday, a special tray of bagels was baked in honor of Massouda because she had asked for them.’
    • ‘As broker and owner he always brought in a box of fresh rolls and bagels and cranked up the coffee pot for the meeting.’
    • ‘For breakfast, Graham eats a bagel with tofu cream cheese, tomato and turkey bacon.’
    • ‘Trail mix, smoothies and bagels with peanut butter are also good options.’
    • ‘Wherever they are made, bagels are best eaten very fresh; otherwise they become leathery and have to be split and toasted.’
    • ‘Bread gets bashed in a rucksack, but muffins and bagels survive well: cinnamon ones are good.’
    • ‘I cannot condone the knocking down of old ladies in pursuit of a Panzers bagel, but sometimes there isn't any other way.’
    • ‘They said they could tell because I had my morning bagel with wine instead of coffee.’
    1. 1.1Tennis informal A score of six games to love (6–0) in a set.
      • ‘Del Potro avoided an embarrassing bagel but could not prevent Djokovic from stealing the set’
      • ‘her win over Cibulkova was the first double bagel in a WTA final since November 2006’


Late 19th century (as beigel): from Yiddish beygel.