Meaning of baggily in English:



See baggy

‘She was a slim young woman, her dark hair cut fashionably short, dressed baggily in a sort of cardigan and long skirt.’
  • ‘The prisoner enters the dock, wearing a white open shirt which hangs baggily over a pair of scruffy 501 jeans.’
  • ‘A girl is pushing kids back trying to make room for a baggily dressed fellow with a gold chain and slick black hair.’
  • ‘Some kids horse around in a Spanish alley while just around the corner, in the foreground and out of their sight, a baggily dressed fellow seems to play uninvited hide-and-seek.’
  • ‘Where some vocals are half backed and hang baggily over the grooves of the music, Lukie's works with the tune and blends perfectly into the mix.’