Meaning of Baggy Green in English:

Baggy Green


  • 1 Trademark A green cap worn by Australian Test cricketers, traditionally awarded to mark a player's first appearance for the team.

    ‘he first donned the Baggy Green in the 1984 Boxing Day Test against the West Indies’
    • ‘Australians do not like losers, especially when they are wearing the treasured Baggy Green’
    • ‘This week a group of young hopefuls, all with a burning desire to one day wear the baggy green, gathered at Sandy Bay's University Football Ground for the annual Tasmanian Sports Camps.’
    • ‘With three Ashes tours and six consecutive series wins to his name, Warne accepted that he would not be seen again in a baggy green in England.’
    • ‘As we slip into another endless summer of crisp whites and baggy greens, we hear about cricket as focus of boyish dreams in the suburbs, and as a language for life in Australia.’
    • ‘They were not among the team's superstars, but that Baggy Green on their heads transformed them, making them capable of feats that similarly talented players in other teams might not have achieved.’
    • ‘He was one helluva player who gave his all for the Baggy Green.’
    1. 1.1 informal An Australian Test cricketer.
      • ‘with his talent, there's no reason why he won't join other Baggy Greens who have become household names over the years’
      • ‘The baggy greens are proud, strong, and detest losing.’
      • ‘It’s time for the Baggy Greens to raise the bar.’
      • ‘The more the Baggy Greens win, the stronger they beware!’
      • ‘After slumping to a humiliating Ashes defeat on home soil for the first time in 24 years, the Baggy Greens finally gave their long-suffering supporters something to smile about.’
      • ‘He remained captain of the Baggy Greens up until his retirement from international cricket in 1994.’