Meaning of baggywrinkle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaɡɪrɪnk(ə)l/


mass noun
  • Rope yarns wound around parts of a ship's rigging to prevent chafe.

    ‘And a gollywobbler is a large, light-wind sail that can require baggywrinkle to limit chafing.’
    • ‘Chafing of a sail rubbing against a cable can be prevented on large ships by tying baggywrinkle around the cable.’
    • ‘In our workshop we are able to make up everything from a halyard to a mooring warp, from a sheet to a baggywrinkle so let us make up all your new running rigging needs, no matter how large or small.’
    • ‘Sun Dec 03, 2006 6: 11 pm Post subject: Baggywrinkle There's baggywrinkle on the way, via my father, an old-time destroyer sailor.’
    • ‘This log focuses on some of the skills required to maintain a tall ship, including chafe gear, baggywrinkle, tarring the rig, bright work, slushing the rig, line maintenance, and sail repairs.’
    • ‘The same vice affects some people who seem driven to overemploy baggywrinkle.’
    • ‘The totally traditional way to prevent chafe is to apply some baggywrinkle.’
    • ‘After making several miles of this you lash the end tightly to the steel cable and wrap the baggywrinkle tightly around the cable like the example at right.’
    • ‘They became as thick as a longshoreman's hairy, tattooed forearm and, if it hadn't been for the baggywrinkle, the mainsail would probably have stuck permanently to the shrouds when it jibed.’
    • ‘No doubt the baggywrinkle plays a major role, but it's not the whole meal.’
    • ‘Tight lashings at each end of the Baggywrinkle prevent it from unwrapping.’
    • ‘When you're fed up, lash one end to the shroud, wrap the baggywrinkle around tightly and seize on the other end.’
    • ‘The baggywrinkle is done by a member of the crew which means that he does some very fancy rope weaving for fenders on the boat and the bow piece.’
    • ‘Between this I hung individual strands of three-strand (½ inch diameter) chunks of white poly line, cut into 6” strips, then I whipped off the baggywrinkle.’
    • ‘We enjoyed the inland birds -- the waders, vultures, kingfishers and herons, and the tame swallows intent on stealing threads from the baggywrinkle of a Swedish yacht and attempting to build a nest on our radar dome!’
    • ‘You can even give your packet more character by clapping on some phony baggywrinkle and painting on gunports.’
    • ‘For example, maybe you're going out to a spreader tip to foozle on some baggywrinkle that's come adrift.’
    • ‘However, the voluminous application of bright yellow polypropylene baggywrinkle throughout the rig was reminiscent of the plastic lei one receives at the Honolulu airport.’
    • ‘The fluffy stuff on the course lift line is 'baggywrinkle' - chaffing gear to protect the sail from being damaged by chaffing against the line.’
    • ‘The genny was chafing on the pulpit, so I made a length of baggywrinkle for the bad spot.’