Meaning of Bagot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaɡət/


  • A goat of a horned white breed with a black head, neck, and shoulders.

    ‘The Bagots do not hide themselves away while the filming is going on.’
    • ‘The Bagot goat is one of the oldest breeds of goats in Britain today.’
    • ‘Then compare the sweeping horns of the beautiful Bagot goat – an animal whose history is shrouded in the veils of history.’
    • ‘The Bagot goat is a rare breed fast disappearing across the UK - it's not used for meat or milk, so it's dying out.’
    • ‘The first bagot goat kid was born at approx 2pm on 15th February out in the paddock, Mother and baby have been bought into the stable.’
    • ‘All Bagot Goat enthusiasts are warmly invited to attend a meeting on Sunday June 10th at 11a.m. at the RBST offices.’
    • ‘This sculpture is in memory of a Bagot Goat that lived on the cliff opposite until he was frightened away by a fire work display.’
    • ‘Scotland's Bagot goat has been said to be as critically endangered at the black rhino.’
    • ‘A Bagot goat herd is enjoying a boom in births of kids.’
    • ‘The Bagot goat is a feral animal and therefore very wary of humans and although they can be tamed, they maintain their nervous character.’
    • ‘It is adjacent to Blithfield Reservoir and is known as the home of a breed of goat, the Bagot goat.’
    • ‘With only 60 registered breeding nannies left on planet earth, the humble Bagot Goat is as close to extinction as the Black Rhino or Sumatran Orangutan.’
    • ‘Nymph is the latest Bagot goat to arrive at the Salvation Army Farm Rare Breeds Centre.’
    • ‘Born at a rare breeds farm in Wiltshire, Gerald is a bagot goat, of which there are thought to be only 80 breeding nannies left in the world.’
    • ‘There appear to be two theories as to the origins of the Bagot goat.’