Meaning of bagpipe in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbaɡpʌɪp/


also bagpipes
  • A musical instrument with reed pipes that are sounded by the pressure of wind emitted from a bag squeezed by the player's arm. Bagpipes are associated especially with Scotland, but are also used in folk music in Ireland, Northumberland, and France, and in varying forms across Europe and western Asia.

    ‘A late starter, I got through Tune a Day in three weeks flat - it must have sounded like the bagpipes!’
    • ‘A peat fire burns all day and locals sometimes turn up with their bagpipes, accordions or mouth organs!’
    • ‘Even so, the trippy collage of machine guns, guitar riffs and bagpipes remains a gas.’
    • ‘Molly's Revenge, composed of four brilliant and accomplished musicians playing the guitar, mandolin, bagpipe, piccolo and violin, will bring their highly original sound to the stage.’
    • ‘He smiles at a mention of the ring-tone, explaining how much he loves Scotland and how the sound of bagpipes makes the hairs on his arms and his neck stand on end.’
    • ‘The sound of bagpipes resounded as Castle Park played host to Scotland in Colchester.’
    • ‘The traditional instruments are bagpipes, reed flutes, drums, and wind instruments.’
    • ‘The bagpipes, ‘squeezebox’ and fiddle were the main instruments and the band really got people in the mood.’
    • ‘The sound of bagpipes, steel drums and the Beatles filled the air as 18 colourful floats and walking groups wound their way through the streets.’
    • ‘Jean was helping gun down the last of the troops, when through the fog, came the uncanny and belting sound of bagpipes.’
    • ‘As if in echo of national pride at his achievement, the magnificent sound of bagpipes swirled in honour of the Bulgarian champion.’
    • ‘I see you wake up to the sound of bagpipes at six a.m., pet show dogs at noon, and cough up Scotch eggs and mini donuts at five.’
    • ‘There might have been an absence of Scots of the pitch but there were obviously some in the stands because the sound of bagpipes echoed around Jade Stadium.’
    • ‘The vine-growers draw the cart and, accompanied by the sounds of bagpipes and a drum, they make their way to the village or town.’
    • ‘Suddenly, they heard the sound of bagpipes, and some thought they were dreaming.’
    • ‘They'd like a bagpipes player and can provide their own corsets.’
    • ‘We walked down the side isles of the auditorium, with the wonderful sound of bagpipes leading us in.’
    • ‘Weird warlocks and witches are dancing to the sound of the bagpipes, played by Old Nick, the devil.’
    • ‘To add to the fun, he chucks in tapes sourced from recordings of street fairs, demonstrations, his own kids singing and even a spot of bagpipes.’
    • ‘Disco balls, cowboys and bagpipes - is there something wrong with this picture?’