Meaning of Bahasa Indonesia in English:

Bahasa Indonesia

Pronunciation /bəˈhɑːsə ˌɪndəˈniːʒə/


mass noun
  • The Austronesian language, closely related to Malay, that is the official language of Indonesia.

    ‘The requirement for foreigners to take a Bahasa Indonesia proficiency test, a move aimed at improving communications with locals, will be stipulated in the investment law, says a minister.’
    • ‘Suciwati was working as a Bahasa Indonesia teacher at a high school in Malang in 1991 when she quit to become a labor activist.’
    • ‘In short, you have everything you need to practice and learn Bahasa Indonesia via a language exchange.’
    • ‘Actually, we just learned that there is a patTemplate Documentation in Bahasa Indonesia available.’
    • ‘Most Balinese people speak Bahasa Indonesia, but it is not the only language of the people of this island.’
    • ‘The applicant must have mastered basic Bahasa Indonesia to join this Program.’
    • ‘Finally, as an added bonus, Bahasa Indonesia is almost identical to Bahasa Malaysia, so what I learn in Indonesia will also be very useful for Malaysia.’
    • ‘Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia ‘language of Indonesia’) is the official language of Indonesia.’
    • ‘Finally, I decided to write a guide of studying abroad (in Bahasa Indonesia, of course).’
    • ‘Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, and so Arabic also plays an important role in the religious life of its people, and a number of Arabic words have also been adopted into Bahasa Indonesia.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, as of this writing, the instruction is in Bahasa Indonesia.’
    • ‘Here, Expat Forum visitors share some of their ‘bahasa blooper’ moments with us all, telling of mistakes they made when first learning to speak Bahasa Indonesia!’
    • ‘This page is dedicated to discuss various aspects of Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian language.’
    • ‘Right now the Bahasa Indonesia language is in the "project phase" where we try to sign up enough dedicated volunteers to build a live wikiHow.’
    • ‘Nick's section, Word of the Day, is fantastic for those interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia.’
    • ‘Most importantly, English and bahasa Indonesia are linguistic twins.’
    • ‘Here's a little tune up on some words in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) relating to a warung.’
    • ‘To support document retrieval in Bahasa Indonesia, we are making available a Porter stemmer for the language.’


From Malay bahasa ‘language’.