Meaning of bai in English:


Pronunciation /bʌɪ/

nounplural noun bais

  • 1often as name A polite form of address for a woman.

    ‘I had hoped to compose for Lata bai for a long time.’
    • ‘Sold at an open auction by the panchayat in a town of Madhya Pradesh a few years ago, Devaki bai had nothing but bad memories of the past.’
    • ‘I went to meet Bhanwri bai and she narrated the whole story to me.’
    • ‘Jhalkari Bai's resemblance to the legendary queen Laxmi Bai of Jhansi earned her a place in history books.’
    • ‘Rani Laxmi Bai has been given a place amongst the greatest women in the history of the world and is an illustrious figure in Indian history.’
  • 2A maid.

    ‘Then the daily bai Rosita will also come to help you.’
    • ‘I derive strength from everyday women, like my bai or my cook,’ she says excitedly.’
    • ‘The less privileged instinctively know this and that's why even your bai will somehow scrimp and scrounge but prefer to send her child to an ‘English medium’ school.’
    • ‘The bai doesn't want that sequinned spaghetti you're bored of, or the barely used baby cot.’
    • ‘As the bai smilingly paid her two coins, she stood her ground.’
    attendant, retainer


Marathi, ‘lady’, possibly from Turkish baaji.