Meaning of Bailey bridge in English:

Bailey bridge

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪlɪ brɪdʒ/

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  • A temporary bridge of lattice steel designed for rapid assembly from prefabricated standard parts, used especially in military operations.

    ‘Although WW II saw the introduction of the Bailey bridge and mechanized bridgelayers for shorter spans, an invading army once more crossed the Rhine on pontoon bridges in 1945.’
    • ‘The iron bridge survived until 1991, when it was declared unsafe and a temporary Bailey bridge built over the top of it.’
    • ‘The 30th Corps was already late when it linked up with 101st Airborne Division near Eindhoven and the construction of a Bailey bridge at Zon, to replace one destroyed by the Germans, put Horrocks 33 hours behind schedule.’
    • ‘In one case, they had to rebuild a portion of a Bailey bridge and they luckily had a sergeant with experience in that type of bridge.’
    • ‘In front of me is a Bailey bridge across a wide canal that transfers water from the Euphrates River to a lake further to the east.’
    • ‘A temporary Bailey bridge will be built over the railway, next to the existing bridge, as the first stage, followed by a temporary slip road over the Bailey bridge.’
    • ‘The Bailey bridge which will replace the pedestrian bridge washed away in Matelot during last week's torrential rainfall should be completed by the end of this week, the Works Minister has said.’
    • ‘Imbert said stone-baskets would be placed below the Bailey bridge to prevent erosion and he expected the concrete bridge to be ready by October.’
    • ‘They undertook various engineering projects including the renovation of a Bailey bridge across an inter-ethnic boundary.’
    • ‘A Bailey bridge may be brought in as early as today to replace Chapel Bridge.’
    • ‘When the bridge is in the lowered position, it looks fairly nondescript, and a bit like a Bailey bridge.’
    • ‘Soldiers constructed a 300-ton temporary Bailey bridge to cope with the extra traffic generated by the York Minster wedding.’
    • ‘They constructed Bailey bridges, cleared roads, carried out boat repairs, constructed temporary shelters, distributed relief material and rebuilt confidence levels among locals and the civil administration.’
    • ‘There has been a large number of other projects, including the construction of water tanks and hardstand water pipes at several small schools, ongoing maintenance on two Bailey bridges, and school refurbishment.’
    • ‘Rondon also said that while the Bailey bridge leading to the Matelot Community School had been completed, students and teachers had not returned to the building.’
    • ‘It was built in 1945 and played a part in the downfall of Hitler's Nazi regime in Europe, but this Bailey bridge has been given a new and altogether more peaceful lease of life in South Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Bailey bridge components can be assembled in seven different configurations.’
    • ‘The Bailey bridge was adopted in early 1941 as the standard Military Bridge.’
    • ‘A Bailey bridge is best described as a kit-form bridge system that is versatile and is relatively quick to erect and dismantle.’
    • ‘During the summer of 1994, Spanish engineers set up a Bailey bridge to replace the famous "Tito" bridge that had been destroyed during the war.’


Second World War named after Sir D. Bailey (1901–85), the English engineer who designed it.