Meaning of Baka in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakə/

nounplural noun Baka

  • 1A member of a nomadic Pygmy people inhabiting the rainforests of south-eastern Cameroon and northern Gabon.

    ‘Development groups such as CIAD (Centre International d' Appui au Developpement Durable) are now training the Baka in how to become farmers, in order to provide them with an alternative source of income.’
    • ‘By the end of the week that child and all his family will have been visited by the Baka.’
    • ‘The ‘Vente de Coupe’ concession system is the most devastating for the Baka.’
    • ‘The 19th century evangelising invasion had minimal impact on the Baka.’
    • ‘The musicians began their collaboration with the Baka pygmies of Cameroon in 1992, releasing Spirit Of The Forest the following year.’
    • ‘On the edge of the rainforest in southeast Cameroon, Baka pygmies from the village of Lantjoue are having a party.’
    • ‘They developed a version of the false-belief task for children of the Baka, a group of pygmies living in the rain forests of Southeast Cameroon.’
    • ‘The researchers enlist the help of local Pygmy people known as the Baka as trackers to lead them through dangerous and near-impenetrable rain forest.’
    • ‘This is the seventh album from Martin Cradick and the multicultural group who put their world music where their mouth is to help the Cameroon's Baka people profit from their ancient traditions.’
    • ‘The changing economic situation is creating growing conflict between Baka and Bantu.’
    • ‘The Baka and Bantu people have lived here for generations, eking out a living by growing crops, working in the logging concessions, and hunting and gathering in the forest.’
    • ‘Some Baka, seeing the money that the Bantu are earning from the bushmeat trade, are now hunting for profit, too.’
    • ‘At the climax of ‘La Londe’, he breaks out into a spirited reel, completely changing the direction of this Baka children's song.’
    • ‘Hundreds of Baka residents paid condolence calls at the family home last night.’
    • ‘Generally speaking, Baka and Bakwele people did not seem to be so nervous about such observations.’
  • 2mass noun The Bantu language of the Baka.

    ‘In Gabon, the Baka language is surrounded by the Bantu languages.’
    • ‘An ex teacher, Bishop Marona has a distinguished academic background, has written several books and translated the scriptures into his own Baka language.’
    • ‘Linguistically the Baka language is related to the Bongo, Moro Kodo and Jur ‘Beli referred to as central Sudanic group.’
    • ‘In Gabon, the Baka language is surrounded by the Bantu languages, and more precisely by the Fang language.’
    • ‘Nowadays, the situation is changing, but no written documents are currently available in the Baka language (not even the Bible).’
    • ‘Both he and his cousin spoke the Baka language, shared certain aspects of physical appearance, and recognized their kinship.’
    • ‘The same river dwelling hippos/elephant killer in Cameroon is known in the Baka language as N'goubou or "horned one".’
    • ‘In ORA 1, the teacher uses the Baka language.’
    • ‘As mentioned in the liner notes for Spirit of the Forest, there is no difference in the Baka language between the word for "song" and the word for "dance".’
    • ‘In another church 186 Bakas attend Sunday services held entirely in the Baka language.’
    • ‘Missionaries' and ngos' documents, on the other hand, list the importance of incorporating and maintaining Baka language, rituals, and traditional medicines.’
    • ‘In the northern Congo jungle, most Pygmies speak Baka, which also is the name of their ethnic group.’
    • ‘In Gabon, the Bakao speak Baka, an Ubangian language.’
    • ‘All pastors there also speak Baka.’
    • ‘And for those who don't speak baka...I will delete it.’


Perhaps from Lingala Ba-aka ‘Pygmies’.