Meaning of bake in in English:

bake in

phrasal verb

  • bake something in, bake in somethingIncorporate something as an integral part of a product, service, or system.

    ‘we have baked in XML web services as part of the core of our platform’
    • ‘the company continues to place a heavy emphasis on baked-in security’
    • ‘So why bake in all that complexity?’
    • ‘The assumption is that technology is baked in there.’
    • ‘And when Michael started importing some sites himself, he found about 10 bugs I had baked in by mistake.’
    • ‘Storage companies are baking in their best levels of availability.’
    • ‘You want to use international settings on your development system so that you remember to bake in the code that adjusts for all these things.’
    • ‘It's not merely convention, it's baked-in.’
    • ‘This differentiation between "bolt-on" usability and "baked-in" usability you keep mentioning does not exist.’
    • ‘Is this just the baked-in stubbornness of one man?’
    • ‘Other media executives who use cloud computing have told me they baked in similar protections into their contracts.’
    • ‘All the innovations we previously bolted on will have become baked in: just part of the way things are.’
    • ‘DLNA support comes baked in, allowing you to wirelessly throw your music, photos, and videos to other DLNA-compatible devices in your home.’
    • ‘We’re learning that Microsoft’s newest mobile OS has similar functionality baked in.’
    • ‘It combines an LED flat panel television set with built-in speakers, a baked-in Internet connection, and a combination CD/DVD/Blu-ray player.’