Meaning of baked dinner in English:

baked dinner


mainly Australian
  • A meal of meat and vegetables baked in an oven.

    ‘they share stories over her baked dinners’
    • ‘Our Santas wear winter suits; many of us still eat a baked dinner.’
    • ‘Baked dinners were more than the norm; even baked lunches.’
    • ‘According to custom, everyone now agrees it's an absurdity to have a hot baked dinner in such weather.’
    • ‘I spent a comfortable half an hour in the alternative sauna, sweated profusely, and achieved the same result without feeling like a baked dinner.’
    • ‘Some of these $30,000 Council cars have had more stacks (and not in a supermarket) than you or I have had baked dinners.’
    • ‘A scrumptious baked dinner with plum pudding for dessert will be served after the game.’
    • ‘It was something you sold for a baked dinner but now it's cut into steaks.’
    • ‘She is the kind of woman who cooks the same meal for each day of the week, just as she has for the past twenty four years, because her husband likes having a baked dinner on Sundays.’
    • ‘After all what would a traditional Aussie baked dinner be without potatoes.’
    • ‘Jack groaned the groan of a true baked-dinner devotee.’