Meaning of baked in the cake in English:

baked in the cake


informal US
  • Inevitable or unchangeable as a result of previous actions or events.

    • ‘look out for the next big tax—it is pretty much baked in the cake now’
    • ‘Even if the monthly data for November and December look good, a weak GDP showing is already baked in the cake.’
    • ‘Higher prices for goods and services are already "baked in the cake" and will show up on the retail level well before 2010.’
    • ‘The deal appeared to be baked in the cake until the meddlers at a New York fund launched a counter offer.’
    • ‘Traders say the Friday vote was baked in the cake.’
    • ‘A quarter point rate hike is baked in the cake.’
    • ‘Modern legal concepts were 'baked in the cake,' so to speak.’
    • ‘Runaway inflation is already baked in the cake, and protecting your assets from devaluation should be your number one priority.’
    • ‘If you go for fiscal tightening, which is kind of baked in the cake, tax increases are coming and coming soon, then you risk actually choking off such recovery as there is.’
    • ‘Counterproductive tax hikes are already baked in the cake.’
    • ‘Fiscal and monetary policy are more or less baked in the cake for 2004.’