Meaning of baked potato in English:

baked potato



  • A potato baked in its skin.

    ‘Back to the menu, there are individual side dishes, too, with French fries, baked potatoes, mixed and potato salads.’
    • ‘They might sit down to a dinner that featured a 14-ounce sirloin steak, a baked potato, salad and maybe a vegetable or two, but they didn't stop there.’
    • ‘Forget pizza, baked potatoes and soup, a new fast food is about to hit Scotland and it's hoping to give even the burger a run for its money.’
    • ‘The waitresses wear period dress, while punters can order Georgian dishes like crappit potatoes, which are baked potatoes - crappit is the old Scottish word for stuffing and filling - filled with a mixture of cabbage and onions.’
    • ‘Children love baked potatoes or potato wedges with Cajun spicing, and you could serve them with vegetable dips and crudites or great colourful salads like carrot with olive oil and lemon or tomato and mozzarella.’
    • ‘For a Fifties child, food meant Campbell's soup, baked potatoes, shepherd's pie, stringy spinach, etiolated carrots, and toad-in-the-hole.’
    • ‘These offered a wide range of foods including pasta, baked potatoes, vegetables, salads and fruit.’
    • ‘This can be served on bread, toast, fried potatoes, or baked potatoes.’
    • ‘Common high-glycemic foods include baked potatoes, boiled new potatoes, corn flakes, dates, and instant rice.’
    • ‘Cut back on extra fat, such as butter or margarine on bread, sour cream on baked potatoes, and salad dressings.’
    • ‘My diet is also loaded with foods that are extremely high in carbohydrates, such as white rice, baked potatoes, pasta and whole grains.’
    • ‘I spotted lasagne, tuna pasta bake, steak and kidney pie, a variety of baked potatoes and then my eyes wandered to the home-cooked apple or toffee cream pies, cakes scones and other confectionery.’
    • ‘These little crushed up bits of bacon have been saving men from eating tasteless salads and propelling baked potatoes into near meat status.’
    • ‘Some years ago the then Motherwell District Council tried to introduce healthier school lunches, replacing chips and burgers with foods like salad and baked potatoes.’
    • ‘Dinner might by grilled steak with fried or baked potatoes.’
    • ‘Dad barbecued some steaks and baked potatoes, and I think that makes four times in the last two or three weeks that I've had steak - barbecued in particular.’
    • ‘Beck ordered a filet mignon with a baked potato and asparagus, while Vlaschek ordered a vegetable stew with red salmon.’
    • ‘And consider choosing simply prepared menu items such as cuts of meat, steamed vegetables, or baked potatoes instead of complicated dishes that contain many ingredients.’
    • ‘The range of food on offer wasn't huge, but was quite adequate pub fare, including sandwiches, baked potatoes, main courses and sweets, and the most expensive item on the menu was £5.50.’
    • ‘The plan was to extend the range of products to the fast growing ‘snacking market’, such as hot baked potatoes and soups using the same distribution channels.’