Meaning of bakkie in English:


nounplural noun bakkies

South African
  • 1A light truck or pickup truck.

    ‘They were especially successful in sales of bakkies (pick-ups).’
    • ‘Three people died and six others were injured when a bakkie and a truck collided outside Stutterheim yesterday afternoon.’
    • ‘Sales of new light commercial vehicles, bakkies and minibuses had also maintained strong upward momentum.’
    • ‘There are many factors that give us a high pedestrian death toll as there are for those killed when travelling in cars, bakkies, taxis, buses and on the backs of open trucks.’
    • ‘Timm attempted to block the gateway with his bakkie as the police car transporting the accused tried to leave through the court gate.’
    heavy goods vehicle, juggernaut
  • 2A small basin or other container.

    • ‘Back at camp we enjoyed lovely showers (OK, the manual pick-up-a-bakkie-of-water-out-the-drum-and-throw-it over-your-head shower).’



/ˈbaki/ /ˈbʌki/


Afrikaans, from bak ‘container’ + the diminutive suffix -ie.