Meaning of balanced diet in English:

balanced diet


  • A diet consisting of a variety of different types of food and providing adequate amounts of the nutrients necessary for good health.

    ‘one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your baby is eat a balanced diet’
    • ‘Companies should hire a dietitian to counsel employees about a balanced diet.’
    • ‘We do advocate a very nutritious, regular balanced diet.’
    • ‘Fast food doesn't have to be eliminated to have a balanced diet.’
    • ‘I'm not a health expert, all I know is that a balanced diet is what we need to live healthily.’
    • ‘A lot of time and effort can be spent choosing the right foods, preparing them, and sticking to a balanced diet.’
    • ‘If you exercise regularly, follow a balanced diet and don't smoke, your chances of remaining healthy and living longer climb dramatically.’
    • ‘I believe a balanced diet is very important and part of that balance is meat.’
    • ‘Learn to handle your pet birds appropriately, provide a cage with enough room for exercise, and feed a healthy, balanced diet.’
    • ‘Remember to maintain a balanced diet and drink plenty of water on a daily basis.’
    • ‘A recent study has revealed that eating breakfast is the most positive thing you can do if you want to lose weight and achieve a nutritionally balanced diet.’