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(also baldaquin)
  • A ceremonial canopy of stone, metal, or fabric over an altar, throne, or doorway.

    ‘Icon screens came down and baroque marble altars with baldacchinos went up.’
    • ‘Heydenreich's windows are hybrid creations: although the columns announce their Italian provenance, the statues of saints are sheltered by diminutive baldachins of Gothic tracery.’
    • ‘Set on the north boundary on a decking platform with a cantilevered shelter over it, it is a single cubic mass, a pristine altar to the outdoor life under a hardwood baldacchino.’
    • ‘A sofa with a baldachin is forced onto its stilted knees.’
    • ‘In the vast basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano the priests bustled like beetles around the baldacchino as they presided over Midnight Mass.’
    • ‘Whereas Gossaert's outer frame conceals the termination of the baldachins, the replica extends them to their projected spires and highest vaults.’
    • ‘The building, rich with turrets, parapets, statues, and heavy baldachins, is greater than the sum of its parts.’
    • ‘This gilded silver casket was made in the form of a Gothic church that echoes the design of both the Ste-Chapelle and the baldachin that sheltered the grand chasse.’
    • ‘In this image, the bishop carries a monstrance under the shelter of a portable baldachin decorated with the images of various saints and martyrs.’
    • ‘The centerpiece depicts the empress enthroned under a baldachin and surrounded by figures of Hercules, Minerva, Mars, and other gods celebrating her military achievements.’
    • ‘The central baldachin in Gossaert's Malvagna triptych contains a number of individual tracery figures that are essential to its design.’
    • ‘Also among the rich assortment of intriguing pieces that fill each page are panels dating from c.1600, decorated with saints standing beneath baldacchinos.’
    • ‘The motif was developed for the side ‘walls’ of the baldacchino in Burges and Henry Clutton's winning entry for the Lille Cathedral competition in 1856.’
    • ‘His chief undertaking in Padua was a new high altar for the Santo, and its seven bronze statues and 22 reliefs were originally arranged beneath a baldacchino as a sacra conversazione.’
    • ‘De Rossi, a younger sculptor, had worked under Bernini on the baldacchino.’
    • ‘At the conclusion of Mass, we returned to the nave and sang Lorenzo Perosi's fanfaric setting of the ‘Tu es Petrus’ text in front of Bernini's bronze baldacchino.’
    • ‘The whole forms a remarkable three-dimensional baldachin for the chapel, as sculptural as it is architectural.’
    • ‘On the surrounding walls are photocopied renderings of ornate twisted columns that evoke Bernini's monumental baldachin in St. Peter's - which is surmounted by a golden orb.’
    • ‘A metaphor for the sky, this modern baldacchino also frees them from any technica l requirements except supporting themselves.’
    • ‘The twisted columns of Bernini's baldacchino above Saint Peter's tomb, as yet not found, do not announce his resurrection.’



/ˈbaldəkɪn/ /ˈbɔːldəkɪn/


Late 16th century (denoting a rich brocade of silk and gold thread): from Italian baldacchino, from Baldacco ‘Baghdad’, place of origin of the brocade.