Meaning of baldy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɔːldi/

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nounplural noun baldies

(also baldie)
informal, derogatory
  • A bald-headed person.

    • ‘The irony gets a little heavy-handed - one of the baldies discovers love in the hospital cafeteria - but the sentiment is genuine.’
    • ‘For the most part, the Etech conference was made up of two groups: the graybeards and the baldies (alternatively the t-shirt brigade).’
    • ‘Even so, despite her ‘inner beauty’ platitudes, she's voted off the fats, baldies and dental monstrosities in an entirely predictable manner.’
    • ‘Still the large contingent of baldies and grey-hairs (myself in both camps) seem to really dig it.’
    • ‘Not all male baldies are unhappy with their hairless lot.’
    • ‘The occasional young face was apparent among the baldies and fatties.’
    • ‘But as a middle-aged baldie who stands at five foot eight with a following wind, I hesitate to go around criticising how other people look.’
    • ‘And if he keeps up this momentum, the baldie who launched a thousand advert soundtracks should start watching his back.’
    • ‘But the tough-looking kid, sensing she's about to lose her milk bottle, says, ‘I don't think so, baldy.’’
    • ‘I am a baldie and over the last year or so, I have noticed more men with longer hair and that women are paying less attention to bald headed men.’


(also baldie)
Scottish, Irish
  • Bald.

    ‘a baldy head’
    • ‘If this was Sheffield, where The Full Monty came from, a wig war would have been the cue for slapper jokes and baldy scams, but not here.’
    • ‘The protagonist is a middle aged man in blue overalls, with a neat haircut and little baldy patch.’
    • ‘Then as it drew closer I realised that it was a toupee and that the wind had blown it straight of his baldy head.’
    • ‘But much as I'd like to take a critical blowtorch to the baldie vegan's latest platter, there's no criticising his not broke/don't fix it decision.’
    • ‘I was still quite dull at that point, and to add to it, I looked like a baldy old man.’
    hairless, bald-headed, smooth