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‘Mum expressed this by huffing from room to room muttering about road deaths and glaring at me balefully, pausing to sigh ‘it's not that I don't trust you, love.’’
  • ‘He once remarked balefully that ‘in England I am too much an American, and in America, too much an Englishman.’’
  • ‘It is such a retro settlement that the working men's club glares balefully across Main Street at the Conservative club, like the post-industrial revolution never happened.’
  • ‘I looked balefully at the empty restaurant, wondering why we couldn't just sit, but that's against the rules.’
  • ‘She blinked balefully down her long, greasy nose at me and then grabbed his arm, wordlessly dragging him off to the dance floor.’



/ˈbeɪlfʊli/ /ˈbeɪlfəli/