Meaning of baler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbeɪlə/

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  • A machine for making up material such as paper, hay, or cotton into bales.

    as modifier ‘baler twine’
    • ‘Where possible store equipment in a building - particularly tractors, combines, planters, drills, and balers - to improve equipment performance and resale value.’
    • ‘I said: ‘But farmers keep a baler or a forage harvester or a combine harvester for only a few weeks’ work in a year, often for only a few days’.’
    • ‘Tom advises farmers to call and see a full range of tractors, balers and other machinery on Friday.’
    • ‘The violations involved workers under age 18 operating dangerous machinery, including cardboard balers and chain saws.’
    • ‘A number of different types of balers are available commercially.’
    • ‘A baler costs $75,000, and you don't have an electric plant on every street corner.’
    • ‘I hauled livestock, hay, wool, tractors, balers, backhoes, buildings, trees and whatever ‘kind of fit’ the trailer.’
    • ‘Mechanical hay balers widely used in some areas are taboo in others.’
    • ‘Workers then hauled the baler, adapted from the cotton industry, to the mounds; men scaled them and pitched the sheaves into the baler's boxlike opening.’
    • ‘He had stopped on the slope, applied the handbrake and left the tractor to clear a blockage in the attached baler, leaving the engine running.’
    • ‘After the war he returned to Manaia and took up partnership with Jim at the garage, working on cars, tractors and hay balers.’
    • ‘The organization has also designed and sells an oilseed press, a hay baler, and equipment for making concrete pit-latrine slabs, roofing tiles, and bricks.’
    • ‘Later he even bought his own baler and produced many thousands of bales of hay at Cowarie.’
    • ‘That meant only milk jugs could go up the conveyor into the baler.’
    • ‘Bo watched the baler start to work, punching out leaf after leaf of what was to be a hay bale held together by twine.’
    • ‘There was a noticeable trend towards the use of combination baler and wrapper machines among contractors and farmers making round bale silage.’
    • ‘The work has been progressing well and thoughts are gradually turning from balers and bogs to beaches and from hay fields and haggarts to holidays.’
    • ‘Just under an hour later, TJ and Lew were hitching up the wagon to the baler while the girls looked on amused.’
    • ‘Stromness Fire Brigade attended an incident in Evie on Thursday night after a farm baler caught fire.’
    • ‘Similarly, their use of balers, magnets, wood chippers, and other equipment typically used in the recycling industry makes perfect sense too.’